Unexpected Benefits from Mediation

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Unexpected Benefits from Mediation

Published by laurence nicholson in Opinion · Wednesday 19 Jul 2023
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Often within a mediation, we get to  observe the power of discussion over division, conflict, and  confrontation. Part of this power is the use of facilitation by the  mediator to enable parties to work through their own emotions, recognise  the underlying issue(s) that are often masked by the subject of the  dispute (the straw that broke the camel’s back, as it were), and get the  chance to really hear and see the perspective of the other party, in a  safe and controlled environment. It can often be an epiphanic moment for  them, and this can unlock even the most challenging of situations.

The  other benefit I often see, is the subtle change in the outlook and  approach of the parties, after going through the process, particularly  when an agreement is reached, whereby the default reaction shifts  towards trying to replicate the process in their everyday living. I have  talked with many who have gone through one or more mediations, and they  all seem to have developed this calm approach to resolving conflict in  their lives, whether in the workplace, at home, or within their  communities. It is always refreshing to see this and an honour to be  part of the journey, albeit as a catalyst.

If you are in dispute,  search out a good mediator. Not only are you very likely to reach a  quick mutually agreed settlement (92% likely!) and be able to avoid the  time and financial costs of litigation, but it could very well change  your own approach to life going forward, and avoid disputes from  reaching an unnecessary level of conflict.


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