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As a formally trained contracts negotiator and Paralegal, as well as a Civil Mediation Council (CMC) Accredited Civil & Commercial and Workplace & Employment Mediator, I specialise in disputes between businesses or individuals, landlord/RTM and leaseholder scenarios, as well as within the workplace. I also provide advice and responses, including pre-action communication to contractual disputes.

As a mediator I get invited to help parties resolve disputes through negotiation or facilitate a formal mediation, and am often called upon to advise organisations of all sizes, on correct and comprehensive contract and agreement construction as a contracts Paralegal, with the aim of helping them avoid the potential for any future dispute wherever possible.

My focus through mediation is on helping those in dispute follow a process designed to help them with problem solving, and on finding solutions by consensus wherever possible, with a view to avoid expensive and time consuming court-based determinations, unless no practical alternative remains to enforce parties’ rights.


I am Laurence Nicholson | LL.B (Hons) | FPMA | Q.Med.Pa

A Civil Mediation Council (CMC) Accredited Mediator, and Independent Contracts Paralegal

I have been fortunate to have lived or worked (and often both) and immersed myself in the cultures in 27 countries working in many capacities with more than 50 companies from start-up to global household names, for over 35 years.

Over this time, I have gained much insight from my business and corporate consulting experience within legal, finance, procurement, technology services, and global programme delivery services, and I combine it with my mediation and negotiation training, my legal academic background, and my formal training in counselling & psychotherapy skills (hence the nickname of 'The Psychological Mediator') to provide a somewhat unique omni-dimensional approach to dispute resolution and negotiation.

How I Work and What I Have Done

I consider myself as non-judgemental and open minded and empathic to the stress and impacts of disputes on each party. I believe dialogue, in a safe and controlled environment, can resolve almost all disputes, and use all my skills and experience to provide that environment and to guide parties in the process of exploring their situations and I offer constructive challenge where I believe it will be beneficial to all involved.

I have personal experience of contract, workplace, and landlord/tenant/leaseholder disputes, both as an adviser, negotiator, mediator and paralegal and some cases, as a party in the dispute.

I have spent time during my corporate career advising on correct contract structure, so have a deep understanding of how contracts should be compiled, which gives me a deep insight into the areas and issues which are generally those where disputes arise.

I have negotiated contract changes for national level government contracts in excess of £25m, in order to avoid dispute and damage to the relationship, and advised on workplace mediations that ultimately settled satisfactorily.

I have also both been through, and supported others going through, divorce from a legal and negotiation perspective, and have seen the benefit of the impartiality of a Mediator first hand.

I provide mediations, co mediations or, where I am conflicted or where requested, I can approach experienced specialist mediators that I am connected with through my Network.

What this means for you is that I can assist with any type of civil, commercial or workplace mediation, in any location and can help source a venue if required, and depending on your preference, the Mediation can be conducted by telephone, online, or in person in a safe and confidential environment.

Basically, I bring a breadth of experience to the table. My formally qualified counselling skills enable me to listen and allow parties to be heard, to understand unconscious cognitive biases we all bring to the table, and how to counter them to achieve optimum outcomes. I am not a judge and I do not act like one. I mediate in an informal and relaxed manner. I do not push the parties to meet with each other unless they wish to do so, and both agree. I am a firm believer in facilitative mediation, meaning that I only control the process, but you as parties control the outcome.

Leaseholder   v RTM Co (value of claim £13k)
  • Agreement for a private adjustment to   service charge apportionment between extended flat owner (and RTM Director)   and leaseholder. This avoided any need to adjust the leasehold agreement   requiring agreement with other 43 flats.

Breach of Services Contract (value of claim £42k)
  • New management of a service receiver did not agree with an   agreement made with old manager. Withheld payment. Agreement to adjust   payment and retain provider under new terms, rather than litigate and end the   commercial relationship.

Commercial   Lease Changes (value of claim £52k (est) )
  • Restaurant owner was facing a landlord   who was insisting on changing terms despite it being contra to the contract.   Discussions escalated and litigation was looking likely. Having agreed to   mediation, the settlement was for the terms to be accepted but with a 5   months commercial rent free period prior to the change, offsetting the   financial impact to the restaurant owner, and satisfying the longer term rate   rise for the landlord.

Breach of Commercial Lease   Terms (value of claim £12k)
  • A sub-letting income received by the leaseholder of a mixed   commercial and residential building, was not being shared with the landlord   as per the agreement. Discussions unearthed the issue being a 3rd   party (the commercial tenant’s spouse) had not consistently made over the   payments (she was doing this as her husband resides and works abroad). Rather   than instigate proceedings, and despite a lack of forthcoming responses from   the tenant to date, a mediated settlement with both parties co-located,   resulted in the agreement for the tenant to make a payment to bring up to date,   address the inconsistent nature of his spouse’s payments through use of a   standing order being adjustable to reflect the monthly variation in income,   and a stay of any litigation.

Workplace Grievance regarding behaviour between colleagues
  • A complaint was made regarding the behaviour of a colleague within shift workers where one was accused of deliberately failing to leave important notes for the next shift operator to discredit them. During the mediation, an underlying issue was identified which enabled the cause of the perceived behaviour to be addressed through support and training, and the previously good working relationship restored without further issue.

Community/Residential Dispute over Breach Of Leasehold Covenant
  • A leasehold resident in a block was breaching a noise/nuisance covenant, but was also a member of the Right To Manage board, and not responsive to complaints. A resident was preparing to apply for an injunction or specific performance request in the magistrate court but through compromise discussions carried out as part of a mediation attempt to avoid litigation I orchestrated, an agreement was reached to restrict the nuisance, saving time and cost of individuals, Right To Manage board and Court time and cost.

If you are in any type of civil or commercial dispute or have a workplace dispute you need a mediator for, and heading towards an expensive and time-consuming litigation, please do the following:

  1. Download and read the information leaflet relating to your type of dispute. (Links HERE)
  2. If you think mediation will help, contact the other party and request they agree to mediation.
  3. If they agree, use the 'Book a Call' button below and I will explain how I might help you, and the next steps.
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