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Civil & Commercial Dispute Resolution

Laurence is a formally trained contracts negotiator, as well as a Civil Mediation Council (CMC) Accredited Civil & Commercial Mediator, specialising in contract/agreement disputes between businesses as well as individuals, and in many landlord/leaseholder scenarios. He has been involved in many successful negotiations involving individuals as well as businesses, and continues to advise organisations of all sizes, on correct and comprehensive contract and agreement construction, in one capacity or another, with a view to help avoid the potential for dispute wherever possible.

Laurence's focus is on helping those in dispute, follow a process designed to help them with problem solving, and finding solutions by consensus wherever possible, with a view to avoid expensive and time consuming court-based determinations, unless no practical alternative remains to enforce parties’ rights.


Laurence Nicholson,  | Q.Med.Pa | A.Inst.Pa
Civil Mediation Council (CMC) Accredited Mediator
I have lived or worked (and often both) and immersed myself in the cultures in 27 countries and every continent bar 2, worked in many capacities with 52 companies from start-up to global household names across almost every industry, and in all 3 sectors. I have dined and played sport with A-List movie stars, and watched missiles go over my head whilst being shot at. ALL of which, plus other experiences, has made me who I am today.

Why does this matter?

When I add this to over 35 years of business and corporate consulting experience within legal, finance, procurement, technology services, and global programme delivery services, and I combine it with formal mediation and negotiation training, a legal academic background, an accounting qualification, qualified counselling & psychotherapy skills and experience of building, and operating, a number of consulting firms, it enables me to provide a somewhat unique omni-dimensional approach to dispute resolution and negotiation.
If you are in any type of civil or commercial dispute, heading towards an expensive and time-consuming litigation, talk to me today about how you might avoid the costs, time and effort of a legal battle.

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Member of the Civil Mediation Councilthe Mediator NetworkMediator Marketingthe COMSGatewaythe Mediator Directorythe Institute of Paralegals

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